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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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WDTL was honored to host more than 40 of our esteemed Judges at its Seattle Judicial Reception on October 17,  2017  at Davis Wright Tremaine. Judges also expressed their appreciation of being provided the opportunity to meet and get to know attorneys outside of their courtrooms.

Each year at this reception, WDTL celebrates its members and bestows awards for Outstanding Defense Trial Lawyer, Outstanding Litigation Associate, Outstanding Plaintiff’s Trial Lawyer, and WDTL’s Community Leadership Award.  Nominations are submitted by WDTL members and our 18 Trustees vote for the winners.  This year was an exceptional year for Nominees.  We had standouts in each category, making the decision even more difficult for our Trustees.

I.  Outstanding Defense Trial Lawyer.  Bob Christie of the Christie Law Group, nominated by Rachel Reynolds
WDTL recognizes a member who has promoted the highest professional and ethical standards, collegiality, professional decorum, and the utmost ethical standards while practicing supreme advocacy for his or her clients.  Quoting from his nomination: “[a] trial attorney at his core, Bob has tried over 50 cases, and in so doing always emerges with the respect and admiration of his opposing counsel, usually on top of a favorable verdict. Bob’svision and creativity combined with his sharp trial acumen and relatability make him one of the most effective trial attorneys in the region.”  Bob also was a speaker at WDTL’s Annual Convention when he was in the middle of a trial!  Even more impressive was his presentation on trial technologies and his willingness to share knowledge of programs/apps available at a reasonable cost.

II. Outstanding Plaintiff’s Trial Lawyer.  Zach McIsaac of Ashbaugh Beal, nominated by Mike Guadagno
WDTL acknowledges a non-member trial attorney practicing in the plaintiff’s bar who has championed the same standards of the Outstanding Defense Trial Lawyer.  Zach’s nomination recognized his brilliance and professionalism on either side of the “v.” and his ability to think cooperatively outside the box to find the shortest path to a resolution for everyone.  When Zach received this award, we learned about his past case when he analogized to the reality TV show “Bachelor in Paradise.” This analogy both demonstrated his talents and helped him achieve settlement at mediation.

IV.  Community Leadership Award.  Derek Bishop of Gordon Reese, nominated by Erin Seeberger
This award honors a WDTL member who has provided substantial support and benefit to our community through volunteering or pro bono efforts while embodying outstanding professionalism, ethics, and civic virtue.  His nomination related that every Tuesday evening for the past several years, Derek has volunteered with Seattle’s Youth Tutoring program at Highpoint Community Center. He provides academic mentorship to Seattle’s youth. This level of weekly commitment to the next generation of potential litigators in our community demonstrates utmost service and leadership. Derek also actively participates in WDTL’s public service programs.

WDTL congratulates our award recipients and also appreciates their championing standards of integrity, professionalism, and leadership in our civil litigation community while being vigorous advocates.  Additionally, WDTL greatly appreciates the generosity of Davis Wright
Tremaine for again providing a lovely event space.
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